Love in a Culture of Outrage

A "Post-Covid" Missiology:Three Ongoing Realities

Ed Stetzer


Ed Stetzer, an expert in missiology, or the study of the church's mission to share the message of the Gospel, shares three realities of the Covid 19 pandemic that impact the church's work. First, Covid has caused a cultural convulsion that has rocked peoples' trust in institutions, politics, and even one another. Second, Covid is adding fuel to a Great Sort that is happening in society. People, in their disorientation are seeking security in groups who agree with their views, leading to an "us against them" mentality. Third, Covid is revealing layers of disengagement. Churches are finding their members either becoming more committed, or hanging on and waiting to see, or disconnecting altogether.

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  • Doubt
  • Trust
  • Identity
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Love in a Culture of Outrage