Love in a Culture of Outrage

Loving Outrageous People

Photo of Ben Foust
Ben Foust

Luke 19:1-10


In a culture of outrage, it's tempting to turn away from or even hate people who are on the other side of issues we care about, but the Bible calls on Christians to love "outrageous" people. In the example of Zacchaeus we see Jesus moving toward him in love, even though he was likely a corrupt man. Ultimately Jesus saw Zacchaeus differently than the crowd did, seeing his "lostness"--his inner need to be saved by God. We must see people through the same lens, asking God to enable us to see all people as His image bearers, with empathy, and with humility.


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  • Forgiveness
  • Humility
  • Love
  • Mercy (Compassion)
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Love in a Culture of Outrage