Matthew by Ryan Lowery (2021)

Feeding the 5000

Photo of Ryan Lowery
Ryan Lowery

Matthew 14:13-20


The story of the feeding of the 5,000 demonstrates five principles of being used by God in other people's lives. Principle 1, opportunities to serve rarely happen on our timetable. Principle 2, Jesus will ask us to do things beyond our capabilities. Principle 3, Jesus can do a lot even when we only have a little to offer. Principle 4, Jesus loves to do His work through people. And finally, Principle 5, when we do serve Christ, He makes sure our needs get satisfied as well. God could easily do all the work Himself, but He graciously invites us to participate in the great things he is doing in the world. We get to be a part of miracles as we present to God what little we have and He multiplies it supernaturally.

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  • Dependence
  • Sacrifice
  • Service