1 Peter by Dennis McCallum (2021)

Spiritual Lifestyle in a Rugged World

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Dennis McCallum

1 Peter 4:1-2,12-19


Peter offers six things to do or not do when encountering suffering as a Christian. Firstly, do not be surprised! Jesus told us the world first hated Him and will hate us as well. Secondly, keep on rejoicing. We can rejoice because suffering teaches us many valuable lessons. Thirdly, do not bring on unnecessary suffering by sinning. Fourthly, do not be ashamed because you bear the name of the One who was not ashamed to go to the cross for us. Fifthly, entrust your soul to a faithful Creator because surely the One who created you will also take care of you in all circumstances. Finally, continue in doing what is right even in the face of difficulties.

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  • Joy
  • Perseverance
  • Service
  • Suffering/Pain
  • Gratitude/Thanksgiving
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1 Peter by Dennis McCallum (2021)