1 Peter by Dennis McCallum (2021)

Living Stones

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Dennis McCallum

1 Peter 2:4-9


Neither the temple not the tabernacle were ever believed to actually be where God resided. It was meant to be a way to teach the people of God's plan to rescue them though a substitutionary sacrifice. Now that Jesus has come and made that sacrifice for us, we have become the temple where God does reside. Each believer is a unique living stone fitted in just the right position to build the "wall." As each stone fulfills its role in resting on the foundation stone of Jesus and supporting other stones above it, the spiritual community of stones working together declares to the world the awesomeness of God.

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  • The Church
  • Sacrifice
  • Worship
  • Gratitude/Thanksgiving
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1 Peter by Dennis McCallum (2021)