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Jesus and Nicodemus

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Ben Foust

John 2:23-3:21


In John 3, John describes an encounter with Nicodemus, a Pharisee, a leader and teacher to the Jews. Nicodemus visits Jesus under cover of darkness. He is a man of power and commands great respect in his community, unlike the woman at the well from last week's teaching. John has these two very different encounters back to back perhaps to contrast Nicodemus' apparent righteousness and the woman's obvious sinfulness. They both need God's forgiveness. Nicodemus could never be righteous enough to earn entrance into heaven on his own and the woman is not so far down the road to sin that God can't forgive her, too. Both are equally under judgment and both are equally offered forgiveness.


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  • Forgiveness
  • Judgment
  • Righteousness
  • Sin